Germany Kent has a dynamic personality and is a rising star. In her hosting capacity, 64100017Germany has interviewed Oscar, Golden-Globe, Emmy, and Grammy-Award Winning Actors and Performers, Sports Moguls, Heisman Trophy winners, famed Producers & Directors, political figures and business leaders. She is a sought-after correspondent and happens to be a successful commercial and print actress. She has hosted numerous prestigious Hollywood events. Germany has the ability to put strangers at ease. She also has a “good eye” for identifying talent. She honed her craft for talent acquisition while being a corporate Recruiting Manager with a Fortune 500 company. She has also served as the Director of Human Resources for a top luxury hotel chain in a position that she calls “boring and conventional, and totally not befitting to her personality for excitement and adventure,” which prompted her decision to leave HR/Administration altogether and pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. Germany is known to never meet a stranger and can strike up a conversation with anyone; however, most people are usually drawn to her because she is so approachable, friendly and full of hope. Germany is also ranked as a “Top Social Media Influencer.

Germany breaks down Social Media Etiquette on San Diego 6 (CW)

Germany Featured on The List TV

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Germany first realized her passion for the Arts when she was flown to New York to compete in the Hal Jacksons Talented Teens Pageant as Miss Tennessee. She won the title of Miss Personality in the International competition and hasn’t slowed down since. As an Author, serial entrepreneur, & a host of other titles with matching accolades, Germany continues to soar and her star continues to rise. Read More



As a past Editor of her school newspaper and contributing Editor in college it’s no secret that Germany has a love for writing. In fact, in graduate school Germany spearheaded a successful newsletter campaign delivering positive messages of hope and inspiration within the residential life community. Continuing on with her tradition of inspiring the masses, Germany has penned ten non-fiction social media (mind, body, & spirit) books THE HOPE HANDBOOK SERIES and YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET. All books have been received with great reviews. Learn More



Germany is an award-winning speaker and has a multitude of topics that she is able to speak on. With such a diverse portfolio, her topics range from leadership, organizational and personal integrity, self-empowerment, and many more. In addition to serving as a keynote speaker, Germany is often considered for roles as a Presenter, Presentation Moderator, and Interviewer. Hire Germany



Germany Kent is a beacon of hope. She helps others to manifest their dreams and realize their worth. As a coach, she encourages others to embrace life and often empowers them to grow into their purpose. Germany has proven leadership qualities and the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with hundreds of clients and prospects. Learn More