The Hope Handbook

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Powerful, inspirational tweets that encourage, motivate and speak to your spirit. We all want to feel happy and hopeful every day. And we’re fascinated by others who seem to be. How do they do it? How can we do it, too? Maintaining a positive attitude can be challenging when we’re often bombarded with negative thinking and alarming news headlines. Written for readers who are concerned about personal growth, The Hope Handbook focuses attention on YOU being in control of what you can control — your thoughts and your attitude. This book challenges you to take responsibility for your own happiness and change the way you allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. Is there hope? Yes. It is possible to be completely fulfilled in life. Understand that hope begets hope. The more uplifting and encouraging words you inhale, the more positive you become. Personal growth is directly related to what we think about and the types of messages we receive into our spirit. Therefore, you are what you read. This collection of insightful, empowering tweets is jammed with good advice, wise ideas, important reminders, and words of hope to carry you through your day, week, month and the rest of your life. Here’s what you’ll find: perspective, inspiration, insight and focus points to help you commit to set new achievable objectives leading you to greater happiness and prosperity. Here’s wishing you lots of HOPE and much SUCCESS. Enjoy!

Author’s Note
If you’re facing major challenges, remember that you are not stuck, only in transition. Walking in your purpose and having passion makes your cup almost always seem half full. This book consists of inspirational, hopeful tweets derived from my years of experience in the workplace and in life, thoughts and wisdom from my grandmother and others, and wise words from world leaders and motivational gurus.A hopeful mindset will set you apart from your competitors. I know, because I’ve practiced it year after year. I only got it right when I took the time to observe what really successful people do. In short, they don’t sweat the small stuff and they work continuously on themselves. That knowledge, based on those observations, I now happily pass on to you.There is a mission residing in you waiting for you to walk into your purpose. The good news is, by reading this book you’re taking the right steps towards having a brighter future!


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